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Breathable soil for a thriving lawn.


Breathe new life into your lawn with Evergreen Grounds Management's Lawn Aeration service. Compacted soil can hinder the health and growth of your grass by limiting air, water, and nutrient flow to the roots. Our aeration service breaks up the soil, allowing your lawn to breathe and absorb essential nutrients more effectively, promoting a lush, vibrant turf.

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Residential & Commercial

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Prairieville, LA and the surrounding areas

Recommended Maintenance:

Aerate your lawn annually, ideally in the fall, to improve soil compaction, enhance nutrient uptake, and encourage deep root growth for a healthier, more resilient lawn.


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Project Single Image

Over time, soil compaction can take a toll on the health and appearance of your lawn. Evergreen Grounds Management’s Lawn Aeration service is designed to combat this issue by mechanically removing small plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn. This process creates openings in the soil that improve air, water, and nutrient penetration, encouraging stronger root development and a healthier lawn.

Our expert team uses professional-grade equipment to ensure effective aeration without damaging your grass. We carefully assess your lawn’s condition and tailor our approach to its specific needs, considering factors like soil type, grass species, and the level of compaction. This targeted service not only enhances the overall health and beauty of your lawn but also increases its drought tolerance and reduces the need for watering.

Following aeration, we provide guidance on watering, overseeding, and fertilization to maximize the benefits of the service. Aeration is best performed in the fall when the lawn is actively growing and can recover quickly, setting the stage for lush, green growth in the spring.

With Evergreen Grounds Management, you can expect a comprehensive approach to lawn care that delivers visible, lasting results. Let us help you achieve a healthier, more beautiful lawn with our professional Lawn Aeration service.

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